What No Eye Has Seen: A Comprehensive Description of Paradise as Recorded in Islamic Scripture

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by by Imam Muhammad 'Alawi Al-Makki Al-Hassani 

Translated by: Arfan Shah Al-Bukhari

A beautiful text description of Paradise from the number of it's gates to it's greatest pleasures. It has been put together by its author in a very concise manner thus making it extremely accessible to the reader. Included are more than two hundred footnotes. The author was the late scholar, Shaykh Muhammad 'Alawi, who died in 2004. He was known as the Imam of the two sacred sanctuaries, the cities of Mecca and Medina. The Text has been translated by Arfan Shah.

Extract :

This nation has a designated door that they will enter which the other nations will not. As in the Musnad[1] of prophetic narrations, from Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with them), that the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “The gate of my nation by which they will enter into Paradise is three days journey in width. Then it tightens until it reaches their shoulders.”
In the narration of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “Jibreal came to me and took my hand then showed me the gate of Paradise that my nation will enter.”

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Publisher: Sheikhy Notes