Tight Rope

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–The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim … In a socially and politically divided country after the presidential election, activist and American Muslim Nour Ibrahim prepares to deliver a speech at an anti-hate rally condemning the surge of attacks against people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and anyone else deemed different or disposable. As her inbox overflows with racist, xenophobic threats, she struggles to remain focused, refusing to give in to the fear. Concerns for her safety during the speech mount as one ruthless stalker escalates his terror campaign. Bitter and blinded by hate, he’s not satisfied with merely keeping Nour from speaking out: he threatens to silence her for good. Stressed by the impending rally, a stabbing pain in her gut, and an Internet psycho who has her in his crosshairs, Nour begins to wonder—which one will kill her first? Author of As One Door Closes, The Broken Half, Secrets That Find Us, and But You LOOK Just Fine, native born American Muslim author Sahar Abdulaziz uses her writing platform and voice to advocate for the underrepresented and marginalized. Her multidimensional characters have been described as having “substance and soul.”


350 pages