Sending Prayers upon the Prophet

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Translator: Abdul Aziz Suraqah

By: Imam `Abdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni

Indeed, Allah and His Angels send prayers upon the Prophet.

"O you who believe! Send prayers and abundant salutations upon him." [Sura al-Ahzab 33:56]

Sending Prayers upon the Prophet  is an extraordinary work of scholarship infused with Prophetic love that expounds upon the command of Allah  and His Prophet  to send abundant prayers and salutations upon the Master of the Messengers  and details their deeper meanings, great virtues, numerous benefits and different rulings.

Steeped in spiritual insight and profound love and devotion, Imam ʿAbdallah Sirajuddin  unravels the secrets of this noble act and elegantly explains its high status by drawing extensively from the Qurʾan and Hadith traditions and the understandings of the scholars of the past.

Sending Prayers upon the Prophet  will satisfy students of jurisprudence and the spiritual path alike, inspire them to act out of love for our Master Muhammad , and intensify their yearning for him .

Pages: 240

Publisher:Sunni Publications

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