My Grandfather's Masbaha

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In this story, Adam, a four year old boy, does not know how lucky he is until his grandfather, Jidoo Yousef, teaches him how to count his blessings. One summer day at his grandparents' home in Lebanon, Adam gets upset when his friends leave after a play date. His grandfather helps him realize how much he has by using the masbaha, a string of beads, teaching him how to count his blessings.

In "My Grandfather's Masbaha," Fayad shows young readers how to value their blessings and treasure what they have through a vibrantly illustrated tale replete with invaluable life lessons. Together with Adam, they will learn the importance of family and friendship and how even the simplest things can be meaningful.

Written by Susan Daniel Fayad
Illustrated by Avery Liell-Kok

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 26