Islamic Bingo

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Islamic Bingo is a family-orientated game that celebrates a rich and meaningful tradition.

Our spin on the classic game comes with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations to keep children entertained for hours.



Game board

6 game cards

42 tokens in cloth bag

130 counters in cloth bag


How to play:

- Nominate a player to be the caller who will be responsible for choosing the tokens from the bag

- Each player takes a game card and a handful of counters

- The caller takes a token from the bag and calls out its name

- If a player has the token that has been called out on their game card, they place a counter on it.

- The caller should place the token on the game board before choosing the next token

- The aim of the game is for players to cover all the pictures on their game cards

- When your card is complete, shout BINGO, and you are the winner!