A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection

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This is the first study of a widely used and much-loved prayer by Ibn ‘Arabi, sometimes recited after the Awrad (The Seven Days of the Heart). The Dawr al-a’la (The Most Elevated Cycle), also known as the Hizb al-wiqaya (The Prayer of Protection), is a prayer of remarkable power and beauty. It consists of 33 verses, invoking protection through particular Divine Names and phrases from the Quran. It is said that whoever reads the prayer with sincerity of heart and utter conviction, while making a specific plea, will have their wish granted. This precious book provides a definitive edition of the Arabic text based on a substantial number of the best manuscript copies, and a lucid translation. A transliteration is also provided for those unable to read Arabic. In addition, there is an illuminating analysis of the transmission, presentation and use of the prayer across the centuries. Of particular interest are the major figures in Islamic scholarship and mysticism that have been associated with it, and perceptions of its properties and uses.

Study, translation, transliteration and Arabic text by Suha Taji-Farouki

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 150
Publisher: Anqa Publishing