Project Lina: Bringing Our Whole Selves to Islam

$29.99 USD

Lina is the Arabic word for palm tree, and the three modules found in this book - Know Yourself, Declare Independence, and Tend Your Ties, - provide a springboard from which converts can grow like palm trees, have deep roots, and strong but flexible trunks, and bear wonderful life sustaining fruit. 


Whether new to Islam or a seasoned convert with tales and advice of your own to share, Project Lina will help you continue to bring your whole self to Islam. It is the open arms, the spiritual guidance, and the balanced way forward that converts need for a healthy transition from newbies to vital members of their communities - and then to the leaders their communities need. 


Project Lina can be read as a stand-alone book, used as guidance in a halal or converts' group, or carried along to a Project Lina workshop, which your mosque or group can schedule by emailing

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